Desktop and Mobile formats

The adv formats available for our customers

Standards adv formats for online advertising.

Customizable and integrated to favor a better user experience

Our algorithm is able to optimize the exposure of advertisements, yield in terms of sales, and leads.
Visibility is always guaranteed even with low CPC, making our system competitive and performing, even compared to the main world competitors.

Furthermore, because of Native’s JS format, it is possible to purchase inventory in the main Italian networks, even if not directly connected to Publy. The purchase is through DSPs such as AdForm, ImproveDigital, and Pubmatic.
Visibility and performance are therefore always at high levels.

In most cases it is chosen by our publishers in the single-cell version when inserted inside the article, or in the classic version with 3 or 6 cells when the tag is inserted at the end of the post.

Enhance your traffic with our mobile adv formats

Floating format (overlay) with the possibility of immediate closure