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A professional team is constantly at work to guarantee optimal perfomance for both the advertiser and the publisher

Display Advertising

Through a high-performing AdServer, we are able to manage all the advertising spaces on your website and guarantee excellent return along with detailed statistics.

We are a current reality for many publishing companies because of our native technology. This form of advertising is characterized by its resemblance to the content of the site where it is hosted, aimed at generating interest in users.

We were among one of the first companies to introduce Header bidding to Italy. Header bidding is a new technology that allows publishers to offer their inventory through a unified auction before calling on adservers. It also lets advertisers select impressions with the highest priority, using programmatic advertising platforms.

Social Advertising

We manage the main corporate social channels by developing advertising campaigns. These are designed to meet the specific needs of the client and achieve the formalized goals.

Video Advertising

Our HTML5 player and Chickybox video platform allow us to increase the video inventory revenue and guarantee excellent VTR and CTR performances.

Start-up accelerator

Early stage financing and venture capital

  • We offer perzonalized RPM for each publisher

    Our offer is based on an estimate of the possible RPM (the benefit every thousand pages viewed) reachable according to the adv slots, that the publisher has made available on each page.

  • No limit to the number of advertising slots

    The number of adv slots on the page is at the discretion of the publisher and although no maximum number of zones is provided, this number is defined according to the RPM results to be obtained and obviously from common sense.

  • We guarantee human control on the quality of traffic and results

    Our traffickers constantly monitor the results and metrics of every single site registered in our network

  • Fast and human assistance

    For any problems related to our adv, we offer assistance via Skype and email, for quick answers and immediate action


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